Why All Loyalty Bonuses Aren’t the Same

We love loyalty bonuses and have stated that many times on this site. The best bonuses are always loyalty bonuses, simply because they provide you with a reason to remain on a site and they reward you for your good time.

However, no two loyalty bonuses are the same and just because a site has one, doesn’t mean you should give it all of your time and attention.

Points Earned and Valued

Real money online casinos with loyalty bonuses offer you a basic format for earning points. It is usually 1 point for every £10 or £1 spent. But a scheme that gives you 10 points for £10 is not necessarily better than one that gives you £1. It’s all about value.

So, before you join, make sure you compare the value of these points. It doesn’t make a point of telling you the value of these points because they have no inherent value, but you can compare by looking at the prizes.

For instance, a loyalty scheme that gives you 10 points for £10, but requires 10,000 points for you to buy a keychain, is a long way short of one that only gives 1 point for £10, but needs just 50 points for such basic items.

Reward Targets

Online casinos like to give you branded clothes, keychains and other gear in exchange. These are basically promotional items that they have in the thousands anyway. They give them away for free to bloggers, reviewers and anyone who can promote them, but they also offer them as rewards in loyalty schemes.

Ignore these. It is the actual prizes you need to focus on. You want to be able to turn points into cash, laptops, computers an more. On Pokerstars, you can turn them into a sports car if you get enough! That’s probably too big of a goal, but it’s nice to have the option.

Other Rewards at the Best Casinos

The best loyalty schemes don’t not just offer you a chance to turn points into prizes, but they will also give you different levels to achieve and many freebies once you make it.

For instance, on Spin Palace which is one of the better ones, you can earn more points from every £1 you spend by hitting certain milestones and climbing the ranks. And once you do that, you can also unlock your own support number, your own VIP concierge service, VIP tickets, free gifts and more.

This is the sort of thing you should aim for. At the very least you want those stepping stones to be in place and you want to be able to double, triple and quadruple the amount of online casino points you can earn every time you climb the ranks.

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