Should You Use Web Wallets to Gamble?

These days most real money online casinos accept web wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. But with many of them making the switch to Bitcoins and also allowing the use of credit and debit cards, are there still benefits to using web wallets?

Let’s find out.

Benefits of Using Web Wallets

One of the main benefits of using web wallets is the speed at which they process transactions. You can make deposits into real money gambling accounts instantly, as is to be expected, but the withdrawals are just as quick.

As soon as the betting site processes the withdrawal then it should be within your account in a matter of minutes, after which it can usually be transferred to your bank within a couple hours, although Skrill tends to be much slower than PayPal in this regard.

They are also very accessible, as you can find them on most gambling sites. Pretty much all of the highest rated Microgaming casinos and Playtech casinos have them these days and the only ones that avoid them are the ones set to offer Bitcoins.

Problems with Web Wallets

There are fees charged for the use of some web wallets, but you won’t pay these when you deposit and shouldn’t pay when you withdraw back to your web wallet either. You will pay when you withdraw to your bank account though and you will also be charged fees for currency conversions, using credit cards to find your account and moving payments through different accounts.

That’s really the only problem with the biggest web wallets, but there are customer support issues with some of them, including Skrill. They can be very slow to respond and make a point of telling you to wait at least 2 weeks for a response. That’s just not acceptable in this day and age, nor is the lack of other options.

The Best Web Wallet

it is hard to pick a favorite as they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our opinion of this has also changed. In the past we loved Skrill— the fees, the speed, the accessibility and the fact that it wasn’t PayPal. Truth be told PayPal had earned a bad reputation at some point and gamblers like us were quick to use alternatives when it came to real money online gambling sites like LeoVegas.

However, that changed. Skrill went backwards and PayPal went forwards. The latter improved their customer support drastically and also offered features like Paypal Credit, Working Capital and a host of others. Skrill, on the other hand, were still taking weeks to respond to customer emails and were not being very helpful and coherent about it.

Add the fact that Skrill charges a lot of fees for withdrawals and currency conversions and you begin to understand just why we prefer PayPal these days.

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