Web Wallet with Lowest Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals

Most web wallets offer the same security and the same accessibility, as well as many of the same features. The difference lies in the fees that they charge for depositing, withdrawing and transferring your money, as well as the customer support that they offer.

In this short guide we will look at those minor differences from the major players, seeing where they are in terms of service and fees.


PayPal used to dominate this industry and they took a few liberties because of that. They didn’t have the best features, they didn’t have great fees and they wouldn’t even allow players to use PayPal on real money casino sites.

Thankfully, that has changed and now PayPal is a lot different. The customer support is brilliant. You can find the number on your PayPal account, after which you will be given a unique code to punch into your phone and get through to someone who knows your account.

These are often English-speaking call centers in countries like Ireland and they are incredibly helpful. Fees are also a lot better than they have been. You can send money to friends and family for free and you only pay a very small amount if you pay for goods and services.

You can deposit into gambling accounts for free, you can get the money back without any charges on top and you can then withdraw to a bank, losing only a couple percent. You just can’t beat that service, and the speed is also the best of all web wallets. The money will be in your PayPal account as soon as the real money casino initiates a transfer, after which it’ll take minutes to get to your bank.

You can also find PayPal on the highest rated online casinos out there, including the likes of Bet365 and many more. It can be used to unlock the best bonuses and make secure transfers.


Skrill is often seen as a lower fee version of PayPal and to some extent that is true. But if you are transferring money in different currencies you will pay more than PayPal. There are also restrictions on unverified accounts and if you have an issue then good luck, because Skrill support can take weeks to reply to emails.

The last time we had a conversation with them it took them two weeks to reply to each email. When you consider that 2 of those emails were just them making an incorrect assumption and getting the wrong end of the stick, that was very frustrating. Basically, it took them 4 weeks just to understand what the issue was!

That needs to change, because it is currently the only reason they lag behind PayPal so much.


In many ways, Neteller is a carbon copy of Skrill, and that’s by design. This is, after all, owned by the same company. It means that Neteller support can be a little lacking in places and doesn’t have anything on Paypal.

Of course, that used to be different, but a lot has changed on both sides. Neteller is still a solid service and many prefer it, but those players tend to have that preference because they used it back in the day when it was a great alternative to PayPal for using on real money gambling sites. These days the fees are still good, but it’s lacking elsewhere.

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