Online Gambling is Not Bigger Than Ever

Online Gambling is Not Bigger Than Ever

Gambling is one of those industries that just seems to keep growing. After all, it’s one of the few trends that actually does well in a recession and when times are hard, and times have definitely been hard recently. Combine this with the fact that there is more choice than ever, with more payment options, casinos and games, then it’s fair to assume that gambling is bigger than ever.

But that would be an incorrect assumption, at least partially. Because gambling is not this hugely growing, incredibly popular industry that everyone thinks it is.

Gambling Stats in the UK

Recently a report was conducted into first-time gamblers in the United Kingdom. It concluded that gambling on the whole has fallen across the UK, which has always been one of the main gambling markets. A lot of this was down to a decreased participation in the National Lottery, but even that is key. This lottery has been a huge draw over the years and has pumped hundreds of millions of Sterling into the economy, without those high numbers, that money will drop.

Sports betting is as strong as ever, but thanks to recent tax changes, which caused many top casinos to pull out of the UK online gambling market, the number of players on online casinos has dropped considerably.

Why Does This Matter?

But why is this important? After all, who cares about first-time gamblers when it’s the experienced gamblers who bet the most, lose the most and win the most? Well, this is key because those first-time gamblers are the experienced gamblers of the future. The generations that are introduced to real money online gambling sites today are the ones that will feed their coffers tomorrow.

It goes without saying that if fewer people are taking up this hobby, then there will be fewer people for brands like Betway to target in the future. That’s bad news for them, but it’s not necessarily all doom and gloom for the rest of us. It means that competition will increase between brands looking to take what market share exists. Bonuses may increase, options may improve and this industry will become better and better as it gets more and more desperate.

Look at it this way, the gambling industry has been taking advantage of hard times for generations. They have profited from our suffering. So, it’s only fair that we do the same to them. Right?

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