Main begginres guide

Main begginres guide


One of the best casino tips we can give you is to make sure you bankroll properly. This is something you will see in any good gambling guide, as it’s something that all real money casino players should know about.

A bankroll is an amount that you gamble on a casino. It is an amount you can afford to lose, but an amount that you should not look to top-up until you lose it. You should calculate your bankroll based on an amount you can afford to lose and the length of time you will gamble, as well as your skill level and the frequency at which you will gamble.

For instance, if you have $1,000 in expendable income every week (lucky you), you gamble every other day and you are a skilled played, you may look to stash away $6,000 for three month’s worth of play. You should look to top this up with winnings, but don’t deposit more and don’t withdraw. Your goal is to increase this by the end of a set period (three months in this case) and then look to settle-up.

A bankroll is a good indicator of how well you're doing and whether real money online casino gambling is for you.

House Edges

Every game has something that is known as a “House Edge”. This is the edge that the house (casino) has over you. It is displayed as a percentage amount. If, for instance, the house edge is 5%, then it means that for every $100 you gamble, you can expect to lose an average of $5. Of course, as an individual gambler you may lose a lot more or a lot less. The point is, over time, with thousand of players and millions of plays, that’s the amount that the real money online casino can expect to get in return.

As a player, you have to try and find an edge that is as low as possible. The house will always have the edge, but if you can reduce it and use some other things to your advantage, then you just need a little luck for everything to tip in you favor. Without it, you’re relying on a lot of luck, and that’s how winners become losers.


Bonuses may feel like something that casinos throw away and that have no bearing on professional players. But they make a huge difference. If you use bankrolling and you make sure you play on games with low house edges, then your bonus will remain high and it can be turned into real cash before long. If you blow through it quickly, then move to another site.

Top rated online casinos like Bet365 always offer sizable bonuses. You should also try sites like Spin Palace. The bonuses are mediocre, but they have a loyalty bonus that allows you to stack up some VIP points while you burn though a bonus.

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