Tips on Getting Past a Play-Through Rate

Have you won some money with an online casino bonus and you are now trying to work your way through a play-through rate without losing all of that money? Then try these tips to help you through.

Don’t Get Hung-Up

The first step to getting through the play-through rate is to make sure you don’t focus too much on the amount that you have left. Getting too hung-up on the play-through rate is a sure-fire way of losing all of your money. You’ll get frustrated and you will start spending too much money, playing the wrong games and generally doing all of the wrong things.

So, ignore it and just let what happens happen. You can check it after a very long, extended session, but the best thing to do is just to avoid it altogether and then wait for the rate to clear.

Play the Right Games

The next step, and perhaps the most important one, is to play the right games. You want games that offer a low house edge or a high RTP, depending on whether you are playing table games or slot machines. You should also look for games that pay small amounts regularly as opposed to games that pay big amounts in frequently.

This way you can earn little bits of money here and there and stand a good chance at winning big over the course of your play. It doesn’t matter if you lose a little or even a lot, because the main goal is to get through the play-through rate with enough of a profit left to walk away with.

So, don’t worry about small wins and just focus on the games that offer the best returns and then take it from there.

These games include all kinds of slots, especially those on the highest rated NetEnt casinos like WilliamHill. You should also play some tables games like Classic Blackjack, Video Poker and Switch Blackjack, as these also offer you a huge chance of success every time you play.

Join a Loyalty Program

What better way to get through a play-through rate intact than to earn little bits of money every time you play? If you signup to a casino that has a loyalty scheme then you can earn points and rewards every time you play. This is a double whammy as it means you’ll eat away at the play-through rate and you will also get points that you can turn into prizes, cash amounts and anything else that is available.

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