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Main gambling guide


There are a number of bonuses out there, but if you dig a little deeper there may be even more than you think. High roller bonuses are great example of this. If you gamble a lot and the casino sees this, then there are a few things you can do to get more bonuses from them. You may also be able to do this even if you are not a high roller.

Firstly, make sure they have your correct email address and then simply stop using the site. They will try to get you back by offering big bonuses, especially if they have seen that you are a big gambler. Secondly, just ask them directly. If you are a big gambler and can prove this, and if you tell them that a competitor is offering better bonuses, they might up the stakes.

This is more common in land-based casinos, but you can also do it online. After all, the same principle applies: they want the business and they are happy to offer a little incentive if it means they can secure it.

Banking Options

The best casinos out there offer a number of casino banking options. The smaller casinos end to be a little more limited though. On real money online casinos like Jackpot City, for instance, you can use a wealth of cards, web wallets and more. On casinos like Mega Casino, your options are limited to just a handful.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an option and making withdrawals:

Verifications: Some casinos will ask that you verify yourself before withdrawing. This is common practice, but frustrating. Skrill have also been known t§o do this a lot.

Charges: While many methods are free, some gambling sites will charge you for depositing and withdrawing with credit cards. Your credit card provider will also charge you, which means it is a double whammy.

Speed: With PayPal and Skrill, payments should be instant. If there is a delay, it’s because the casino has not initiated the transfer. Other methods, including bank transfers and card transfers, can take up to 5 working days.


So, what happens if you have an issue with a real money online casino site? Well, you do have options. Regardless of what the issue is your first port of call should be to deal with the site’s own customer support. If the customer support is the issue, then ask for their complaints email/number.

Not only can this resolve many problems, but when you escalate the issue further your case will look better if you have made this contact and tried to resolve things peaceful. If nothing comes of that, then you need to contact the commission that deals with gambling in your country. In the UK, it is the UK Gambling Commission. You can also contact ombudsmen and regulators.

In our experience, and in all honesty, the UK Gambling Commission are as useful as a chocolate teapot. They are very slow, responding to messages after at least a two week wait (seriously) and often doing very little to help. So, don’t expect them to be your savior, but if you are in the right and the issue involves money, then you can expect to get what you are owed eventually. And we really do mean eventually.

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